About The Princess Onyx™Series

395168_10152229913140573_1671847077_nbAbout The Princess Onyx™ Series

The Princess Onyx™ children’s book series is about a young girl who shares her painful experiences at the elementary school with her grandmother. To help her cope with the confusion and painful experiences of colorism, her grandmother tells stories about a beautiful, Black princess named Onyx who experiences similar situations and deals with them in a positive manner with the support of her mother and father. Princess Onyx lives in the Kingdom of Jet with her parents, King Stygian and Queen Sable.

The Princess Onyx™ children’s book series is an essential read for all children, especially little Black girls and their families. This book series addresses such topics as colorism, Black hair textures, Black female features, etiquette, and being friends with non-Blacks without apology.

Illustrated by Jason Brooks of Kansas City, Missouri, the titles in the Princess Onyx™ children’s book series are:

Princess Onyx—Precious Gems
Princess Onyx—Hairy Business
Princess Onyx—The Nose Knows (COMING SOON)
Princess Onyx—Manners Matter (COMING SOON)
Princess Onyx—Wishing Well (COMING SOON)

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