Jason Brooks

JasonBrooksJason Brooks is a career graphic artist who specializes in illustration.  During his childhood, his mother inspired his love for art through her paintings.  Jason began his artistic journey when he began to write and illustrate comic strips and books to entertain family and friends.  He went on to earn an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design.

Jason’s first professional job was in production art and package design.  Over the years, he has expanded his work in freelance opportunities that include website and printed works.  Jason is 38 years old, married and the father of two children.   His inspirations are his Christian faith, family, and working to expand his career in Marketing. Jason is an expert user of Adobe Creative Suite as well as working closely with his clients to develop custom designs and illustrations.

Jason began working with Clarissa “Queen of the Pen” Burton in 2011.  Their first collaboration was on her first children’s book titled, Elijah’s Great Race.  Here are a few of Jason’s illustrations:

"My beautiful gem," Tata said softly, gently wiping the tears from  Jaydah's face.  "You are far from ugly.  You are beautiful and  exquisite like a beautiful and precious gem."



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